What is the M3A?

What is the M3A?

M3A is an informal group of people whose common interest is to broaden social contacts and engage in recreational activities that add to the quality of life. All activities are run by volunteers and can range from social gatherings to learning opportunities and outdoor activities.

M3A is inspired by the U3A, which stands for University of the Third Age, and which aims to foster a sense of value and community amongst retirees.

What do we do?

M3A provides an information service that connects people with common interests, offering opportunities to engage in activities.
By signing up to the M3A and subscribing to its mailing list, you receive information about current activities. These may be:

  • Individually hosted, themed activities or learning opportunities, usually small groups run in the host’s own home.
  • Regular external events, eg outings to restaurants, walks, museum and garden visits
  • Ad hoc events and meetings

M3A is not affiliated to, nor a mouthpiece of, any organisation. Activities are initiated by individuals in our community and what may be offered is limited only by their skills, imagination and time availability.

How are these events communicated?

>A programme of events for the coming two months is emailed to all subscribers around the end of each month.

Details of individual events are emailed a few weeks beforehand to subscribers

We maintain a website highlighting activities in the community and how to reach out and engage with similar-minded people in these activities.

Promotional activities will be undertaken from time to time to reach out further into the community.