What is the M3A?

Did you know that in various studies of longevity it has been found that the one common factor amongst nearly all centenarians is quite simply a sense that their age and experience is valued amongst their community?

Want to live longer? Join the m3auniversity!

M3A is the Madeiran version of the UK-based charity U3A, which stands for University of the Third Age. Not a ‘university’ as we would understand it today - but in the original sense of the word it is people coming together to share and pursue special interests in all their forms. The local U3As can be described as self-help, self-managed learning cooperatives. Members share learning and leisure experiences in a wide range of special interest groups. No qualifications are needed to be part of a U3A and there are no accreditations, assessments or qualifications to be gained.
For further information of the UK organisation see www.u3a.org.uk. Members pursue learning not for qualifications but for pleasure.


A huge success in nearly every major town in the UK, U3A courses are run by members, for members. It’s a brilliant way to make new friends, share your experiences, learn new skills and keep the old grey matter working. Take a look at the UK website www.u3a.org.uk and click on some of the groups around the country; you will see courses ranging from Astronomy to Zoology, including a whole range of academic subjects, practical skills and special interest groups which their local members have organised.


Member-Led Groups – the backbone of the M3A.

Each to be run by any member/s who is/are interested in running their own course linked to their own interests, knowledge and skills. These are typically small groups run in the host’s own home. There would be a small charge payable to the host for refreshments and any materials required.

Regular Dates for your Diary

To be emailed to all members with a list of dates for forthcoming events.

Regular Newsletter

To be emailed to all members. The newsletter to contain articles of interest from members and from Group Leaders.

** You do not have to be over 50 to join!!