Aims and Objectives of the M3A

M3A stands for 'Madeira University of the Third Age' - a group of people interested in learning, exchanging ideas and participating in joint activities.

The Third Age refers to the age of retirement after the First Age of childhood dependence and the Second Age of full-time employment.

The M3A is a gathering of like-minded people keen on learning for the enjoyment it brings, and on joining wider group activities. Members learn by sharing their knowledge, skills and experience and by exploring together subjects and activities of interest.
The aims and objectives of the M3A can be summarised as follows:
1. To encourage and enable English language speakers on Madeira to help each other to share their knowledge, skills, interests and experience.
2. To demonstrate the benefits and enjoyment to be gained and the new horizons to be discovered in learning throughout life.
3. To celebrate the capabilities and potential of older people and their value to society.
4. To make the M3A accessible to all English language speakers on Madeira regardless of their nationality. There is no age restriction.

The M3A is an independent organisation financed by its members’ subscriptions and managed by a small admin team. No member gets paid; everyone is a volunteer!

Membership Fees

These were agreed at the AGM and set at 5€ per person per year regardless of whether you are here full or part time. The level of this fee means that all groups will be self financing.
Membership fees are used to cover the Website, admin, advertising and any other costs incurred by the Admin team for the benefit of the whole M3A.

New Groups

A discretionary grant is available to new groups for start up purchases. Please contact the Admin team for more information.

Guidelines on group funding for Group Leaders

M3A groups are to be self financing. As a general principle any expenses, including room/equipment hire incurred by the group, should be shared equally by its members and Group Leaders should make this clear to members.
It is advisable to keep accounts. Groups should not make a profit and any money in hand should be used for the group’s benefit. The group leader should not be out of pocket (simple charges for coffee etc. if the group is held in someone's home, is acceptable).
It would be helpful to keep a register of those attending meetings. Visitors may attend two meetings at no charge other than those to cover the expenses of that meeting before becoming a member. If you are unsure whether or not someone is a member, please contact the membership secretary.


All activities arranged by M3A group leaders are undertaken at the members/guests own risk.