Book Club

The m3a Book Club started in September 2010.  We have members who are both full-time and part-time residents of Madeira and so the group dynamics change at each meeting.  We meet every month, rotating around members’ homes.

As a group, we are finding it fascinating to share each others’ tastes and ideas.  We’ve had books we’ve loved and books that some members haven’t been able to finish.  We’ve had funny books, sad books, historical books and gruesome books.  But we all agree that it is expanding our interest and opening us to genres we might not have otherwise attempted.

Each month, one member brings along a selection of his or her favourite books, from which we choose our book/s for discussion the next month.  And so, our reading list gradually accumulates, offering us all the opportunity to widen our interests and benefit from each others’ tastes and experiences.

With a glass of wine, a few nibbles and a group of friends, it is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

New Members are always welcome.  Come along for one meeting just to see what you think.  It’s a great way to enjoy books and make friends at the same time. Where we can we share books to save everyone having to buy each one, but also many titles are now available on Kindle which is often cheaper and without postage charges.

Book Club Reviews