Guinevere Glasfurd

The Words in My Hand is the reimagined true story of Helena Jans, a Dutch maid in 17th century Amsterdam working for an English bookseller. One day a mysterious and reclusive lodger arrives - the Monsieur - who turns out to be René Descartes.

Kazuo Ishiguro

Book Club - Hosted by Rosalind
The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro

by Cailin Alifirenka and Martin Ganda with Liz Welch

Wednesday 13th December
2.30pm at Jenny's
I will always write back by Caitlin Alifirenka and Martin Ganda with Liz Welch
Please let Jenny know if you will be attending
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Laura Marshall

Maria wants to be friends.
But Maria is dead . . . isn't she?

When Louise Williams receives a message from someone left long in the past, her heart nearly stops.

Maria Weston wants to be friends on Facebook.

Michel Bussi

On the night of 22 December 1980, a plane crashes on the Franco-Swiss border and is engulfed in flames. 168 out of 169 passengers are killed instantly. The miraculous sole survivor is a three-month-old baby girl. Two families, one rich, the other poor, step forward to claim her, sparking an investigation that will last for almost two decades. Is she Lyse-Rose or Emilie?

Anthony Marra

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