How does it work?

All activities are self-financing (see below).

Outings are undertaken on a “pay-as-you-go” basis.

For events hosted in a home, a small charge payable to the host for any materials or refreshments provided may be required.

The M3A information service is funded by voluntary contributions from subscribers and managed by a small admin team. No-one gets paid; everyone is a volunteer!

Subscribers’ contributions are used to cover the website, admin, advertising and any other costs incurred by the Admin team in promoting the various activities.

Self-funding guidelines for activity hosts

M3A activities are self-financed. The intention behind an activity is not to make a profit but the host should not be out of pocket. If the meeting is held in someone's home, a simple charge for coffee etc. is acceptable. For external events/meetings, as a general principle any expenses, including room/equipment hire incurred, should be shared equally by those participating and the hosts should make this clear to participants.