M3A Mission Statement

The M3A is an informal group of friends from primarily, but not exclusively, the international senior citizens community whose aim is to enrich life in Madeira by fostering social activities and new personal challenges.

The M3A is inspired by the principles of the U3A (University of the Third Age) in that social and new learning activities are scheduled and hosted by individuals within the group of friends on a voluntary basis. Activities in Madeira may be (without limitation);
outings to restaurants, museums, theatres
indoor activities (book clubs, scrabble etc)
outdoor activities (walking, swimming, fishing etc)
learning and lectures for new skills or general interest
supporting the local community as occasion arises.

The role of the M3A is to facilitate such activities through promotion and the provision of information about planned activities, by means of a website, regular emails to all those interested and other means as considered appropriate. The aim is to reach out to all those living on Madeira, full or part-time, who want to increase their circle of friends and engage in new activities. These facilities are funded solely through contributions from subscribers and each year surplus funds, after covering expenses, are donated to recognised charities in Madeira.