Museu Teixeira - Faja da Murta

One day in August we met up at the Fish Farm in Ribeiro Frio. Luckily we got there before the crowds and we had our coffee in peace. From there we went in convoy to the small village of Faja da Murta ( near Faial). A few weeks back I had discovered that there was a very special village built as a museum for the family Teixeira. This family originated from the village, both the mother and the father. They had an idea to go to Venezuela and there they sought fortune and fame and found both. The children of this couple, who were born in Venezuela and worked in the hotels and supermarkets their family owned, decided to build a memory to their family. One boy especially, Albino, had this idea to build a special village to house all the memoirs and painting and photos of the family as a museum. Between them, the family built this village with houses, a chapel, a games room and even a cellar to make their own wine (they have a vineyard further up the valley)

There is an amazing family tree, and when we were looking at it, we were met by a very presentable young man, a cousin of the family who, with his father is a gardener but also does guided tours. He was excellent and gave all the information we wanted about the family. Each house housed a collection of photos and paintings of the entire family and also some mementos like books and even a old- fashioned iron. It was thrilling to see all the loving care that had been put into this exhibition. We had photo calls and wandered around in the beautifully kept gardens for a long time.

The last’ building’ we saw was the cellar. They were getting ready for the coming grape harvest at the beginning of September ( I may try to go back and see that) We all had a taste of last year’s wine and eventually made our leave but I am sure that many will return with friends and visitors. It is totally free and totally memorable.

Our outing ended with a prego lunch at the nearby Casa da Cha ( Faial) which also belongs to the family. We were made most welcome and the food was good and cheap!

I, for one, had a wonderful day and have heard from many who also enjoyed this unusual outing.

Jean F.

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