Dinner Club and Lunch Club

Planka Restaurant is situated in the Village of Largo da Miranda. (Rapide Exit 13) Drive to Botanic Gardens, then uphill past my apartment for +-1 km. Directly in front of you on the right-hand side is the restaurant.

Terrace d'Ajuda Restaurant
or more affectionally known as the Restaurant with the Parrots outside
#5b Travessa do Valente

A Minha Avó
Estrada da Camacha No 105
Friday 31st March 1.00pm
15€ inc tip


Bread and butter

Atum or Frango with potatoes veg and salad

one drink and coffee

Please choose atum or frango (or vegetarian)


Indian Palace Restaurant
Estrada Monumental #197
Friday 27th January, 2017 @ 7.30 pm
16€ inclusive of tip

Restaurante Vila Da Carne
Rua Doutor João Abel De Freitas 30 A, Câmara De Lobos
Friday 21st October at 12.30pm


Tapas Sausage starter
Espetadas (or espadas) with chips and salad
One drink and coffee