Four car loads of excited competitors took part in an hour andhalf long looking for clues and collecting ´treasure´around the Santo do Serra area on Friday 11th August.

On the 7th July M3a members went on inflatables to sight dolphins and visit the Marine Reserve in Garajau.

In May, Jean organised a visit to the Faja dos Padres, descent by means of the cable car. This is an idyllic spot and the group had lunch at the restaurant at the bottom.

On January 9th a group made a visit to two of the biggest 'Presépios'. These are Madeira's traditional Christmas Nativity scenes, but with a somewhat different take on them.


Upcoming Events

Friday 25 May - 16:00


Location - The English Church, Funchal

Friday 25 May - 19:00

Hosted by Sandy.

This month's dinner will be at the Moby Dick Restaurant on the Estrada Monumental.

Friday 1 June - 10:00

Hosted by Jean.

Explorer trip around Ponta de Sao Lourenco ( inflatable), swimming, then lunch

Wednesday 13 June - 14:30

Hosted by Rosalind.

A Boy made of Blocks by Keith Stuart.

Friday 15 June - 10:00

Hosted by Peter Rose.

Friday 29 June - 13:00

Hosted by Jean.

This month's lunch club is at the Armazém do Sal, Funchal.