One day in August we met up at the Fish Farm in Ribeiro Frio. Luckily we got there before the crowds and we had our coffee in peace.

The gardens have been cared for by the Blandy family since 1885. They were started by the Conde de Carvalhal over 200 years ago with tree plantings.

Finally in April a group of 15 of us set off for a day trip to The Deserted Islands. Perfect weather was forecast and we weren't disappointed.

Winner of the Best Picture was Jaquine. Three shared the Overall Winner tilte, these being Kate, Bob and Colin. Best digitally enhanced image was won by Rosalind.


Upcoming Events

Friday 27 July - 19:00

Hosted by Sandy.

Wednesday 8 August - 14:30
Friday 10 August - 10:00

Hosted by Pauline and Debbie.

Meeting point at Alta Vista Restaurante.

Saturday 11 August - 14:30

Hosted by Thelma.