The Natural History Group arranged to meet in the car park at 11:00. The weather was somewhat fickle and inclined to rain with wind blowing about.However, we all had anticipated poor weather.


Upcoming Events

Wednesday 21 February - 10:15

Organised by Pauline and Johanne

Circular walk from Fontes, which is up in the hills “behind Campanário”.

Friday 23 February - 12:30

Hosted by Jean

Ataliaia Pizzaria at Assomada

Friday 2 March - 08:15

Hosted by Jean

Visit the Toy Museum, lunch, then an opportunity to learn Madeiran Cuisine.
You can mix and match if you wish !

Monday 5 March - 14:30

Hosted by Debbie

Wednesday 14 March - 14:30

Hosted by Rosalind
Once Upon A Secret by Mimi Alford

Thursday 15 March - 10:00

Hosted by Alan and Gail